My review of the Change App

Analyzing applications is definitely something that I don’t usually do here, but based on the current situation that we live in, dealing with investments has never been more relevant, especially in the long term.
Many engineers like me spend a good part of their lives receiving good salaries and being invited at all times to be part of new projects, where they normally receiving a good package of perks and company stock options. However, it is not very common to hear from friends that they do not have short-term investments and do not even consider anything in the long term. Rare are the cases where some investment, in addition to what was offered in the job offer, was planned and continues to be executed.
Just as computer resources are limited, money also follows this universal rule.

*** A pause for an important note ***

I don’t represent the opinion of any company that I work or worked for, I am also not an investment consultant, so I suggest that you invest only in something that you have studied, dedicated a considerate time to understanding. If you are the type of person who reads an article, post, or opinion of someone and leaves blindly investing what I cannot suggest to anyone, please close this page now, open a beer or a good wine and go look at your favorite Netflix series.

Approximately a month ago I was privileged to receive the offer to be part of the team at Change Invest, an incredible startup that has been growing quickly due to the ability to unify traditional investments and cryptocurrencies in a friendly and simple way.
Before starting this new challenge, I spent some time to put into practice a methodology that I learned throughout my career: dog food, that is, if you develop something and you don’t use it, how do you expect that your customers will use it too?

Change App at Google Play Store

I installed the app from the Google Play Store and validated my identity as it happens with every Bitcoin exchange that I have an account with. After all the necessary confirmations, a process that was impressively fast, I connected my bank account and transferred € 100 to start testing the resources.
Of course, my primary objective was not to invest but to understand where comes the Change’s success.

What I didn’t expect was that this goal was in the background, highlighting usability and the number of assets at my table to test, how far it would be possible to go.

Balance after request the Visa card

Right from the start, I saw an impressive advantage, having a Visa payment card, where my balance on any asset in the application, such as BTC, could be spent on day-to-day payments, such as coffee, pizza, etc. That’s where my test balance decreased by € 5.25, leaving only € 94.75 for use in the main objective, investments.

When I received my Visa card

My lovely history with BTC comes from many years ago when many said that Bitcoin was the stuff of nerds and cyberpunks, since 2009 I have starting a lot of researches to understand de fundamentals, what hell is blockchain, how it can work independently, and decentralized. After almost 2 years I start investing seriously.

Coming back to my review, when I had less than a hundred euros to invest and test, I decided to exchange all of my balance available to BTC. The process was quick, simple, and very easy, in a few minutes my order was executed and there was, no longer in the FIAT currency that I had deposited but in BTC.
As I always say, do you want to test something for real? call an engineer, we are a strange species, which finds defects and solutions in practically everything we look at, thinking about it I realized that my “investment” had concentrated on only one asset, that’s when I started looking for more diversity for my portfolio. Which led me to buy 60 CNGs, using part of the BTCs already exchanged, these CNGs are tokens from Change itself, which added to the BTCs that are left totaling less than € 100.

Result of my 30 days test using Change App

Speaking of investment, time is a crucial factor in determining how correct the decisions were made, it was where I spent 30 days of daily observation without changing my portfolio, just looking at the trend of my actions. Days went by quickly and when I least realized the 30 days were over and a notification in my calendar popped up on my displays saying: Review the Change Test Investment. That’s when I realized that I had more than 20% return in this small space of time, with a portfolio with only two assets.

What is the conclusion of my journey?

I was so luckily in a set that assets in the exact time window to get that grow, it is not common, and is possible to have totally different results if I made it in one month before or later.

I’m sharing it to try show to my friends that is important to have a long-term plan in terms of your personal financial resources, finding solutions like Change App that is a serious company with all licenses, audits, and partners like LHV bank and Visa, that shows relevant credibility to long-term vision.

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