Creating applications/services for Kubernetes? or GKE, EKS, AKS!

Marcelo Barbosa
3 min readOct 2, 2021

a review about your kubernetes strategy…

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Before you start reading this article thinking that I’m not considering your possible lack of human resources, lack of internal knowledge, or lack of a good plan for your startup/company, a short answer is no! I’m considering the most humble startup that you can imagine. How smaller you are more relevant your time, maintenance, and total cost are. The valuation of your company will consider your performance 100% sure! it passes the message to your investor that you can do much more with fewer resources based on your mindset.

Other criteria that I’m considering here is about requirements of your application or service, for example, scaling issues, different regulation of data. In that case, I’m considering that your product can be used as a SaaS or PaaS for any customer in the world.
It is a typical startup that starts the business with wide opportunities but the same requirements as unicorns. It is a free market, sorry!

Keeping the spoilers in mind I will not sell to you a solution but making the right questions to myself to try to find some answers.

Choice a Cloud Provider Kubernetes (GKE, EKS, AKS), and that’s it!

It sounds more logical thing to do, however, it is what people that are trying to sell to you something is talking about best practices for the exact thing that they are selling, right now appears some red alerts in my mind!
If the price changes from night today how a smaller startup will survive seeing your funds disappearing? or if they get an issue with their solution, how you can protect your business without forgot your business continuity plan?
Based on these basic questions we do not need to add a lot of other questions that we can start understand that your options are going to be more limited and your risk increased dramatically.

Why people do not consider Kubernetes upstream?

This is a key question in my humble opinion. I believe that people are forgot about the Kubernetes fundamentals, Why Kubernetes is the most used platform in the world…